Case Studies

Below there are 3 case studies ranging from a small basic event with simple requirements to large scale events where the requirements are more comprehensive in equipment and services.

Case Study 1
Flexible, Reliable & A Personal Service!

A Law Training Organization holds many regular small conferences which can be up to 10 a week. Each conference can range from 10 to 50 Delegates. There can be up to 8 different speakers and these conferences are held at various different venues around London.

We at Premier AV are very flexible to meet our client’s needs. When the numbers are limited our team will set up only a projector and laptop as the equipment is more than adequate. If the numbers start to reach 25 delegates or more we would install a PA system (Personal Amplification) to make sure that the speakers are heard clearly.

Our technicians collaborate with the speakers to ensure all the presentations are all in order to achieve a seamless and flawless talk program.

Case Study 2
Efficient, Organized & That Extra Mile!

A property Investment & Construction Company hold a larger conference for up to 400 people every 6 weeks.

The events are held at some London’s most prestigious venues for example the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane. The event is to be ready at 7:30am as it is a breakfast conference. We arrive at the venue at 4am to give us plenty of time to set up. In this conference we installed 3 Plasma screens, A 12 ft Screen and stand to be located on the stage with reverse projection, Full PA system with 6 EV speakers and 6 Microphones.

The clients requests for the whole conference to be filmed and edited and then presented to their members. As part of our service we also constructed and erected several display units that were located at the entrance and inside the conference room itself. Once the conference has ended at 10am, we then had 90mins to de-rig the equipment and leave the venue with everything cleared away ready for the venues next event. Time restrictions…..No Problem.

Case Study 3
Professional down to the last detail!

An international Finance company holds an awards ceremony twice a year where up to 1,000 attendees are invited. The ceremonies are held at various business centers around London. For this event we installed a raised platform stage, we designed a full multi-panel stage set with laminate graphics and incorporated 2x 12 ft screen with reverse projection, A full drape kit surrounding the screen was also constructed.

There were 6 plasmas, to compliment the drape kit we set up several revolving colored filtered up lighters. We also installed a full PA system with several speakers and desktop as well as roaming and lapel microphones. In the lobby to the main room we set up 2 projector screens with edge blending graphics in order to showpiece the clients advertising films. We designed and organized all power point presentations and up loaded them in conjunction with an autocue.

This process is designed in collaboration with the event organizer to ensure every last detail has been taken of.