Ambiance or the spectacular….make your event come to life.

There are many different events where a minimal use of lighting can help give it that professional feel. Lighting can help enhance the smallest events where perhaps a single curtain drape beneath a screen with a couple of coloured filtered up lighters may be used to a full on light show complementing a 12ftscreen or a full multi-panel stage set.

Lighting is an aspect which is often over looked by event organizers but with a few subtle additions it can transform your event with minimal cost giving it that professional edge.

From simple stage lighting packages to scanners, moving heads, smoke and effects, Premier AV can provide it all. Whether your need LED up lighters to give your venue ambiance or want to create an exciting light show for your event or launch, we can help you.

Talk to a member of our team today and we are confident we can develop a few ideas for you.